The “SUNSCO CUP” Mini Football Tournament

March 4, 2021

On the afternoon of November 17, Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company held the opening ceremony of the “SUNSCO CUP” mini football tournament with the participation of football teams who are employees working in the offices and factories of company.


This is the 10th time the tournament has been organized by the Trade Union of Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company. Compared to previous years, this year, there are a total of 5 participating teams including: steel pipe, cold rolling mill, equipment department + QA, 1 galvanized factory and 2 galvanized workshop. This year promises to be a season. Jubilantly because each team has a very careful preparation before participating in the competition.

The opening ceremony was held spectacularly with the presence of the Board of Directors of Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company, Japanese experts working at the company and especially a large number of fans who were present very early to Cheer for your team.

“SUNSCO CUP”  mini football tournament is really a “banquet” for employees who are working at Sunsco company. Here, they are real players and also an indispensable “spiritual food” of football enthusiasts. The soccer tournament has created positive effects, the spread in the football movement and the solidarity of each individual at the company.