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Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company (SUNSCO) is a leading manufacturer of steel pipes and coils. We are a 100% foreign capital invested steel company in Vietnam, with our main investors being, Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd., Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and JFE Steel Corporation.

Our head office & factory is located in Binh Duong province, near Ho Chi Minh City, and we also own Maruichi Sun Steel Hanoi Limited Company in Vinh Phuc province, near Hanoi, which specializes in manufacturing of steel pipes.

Our mission is to contribute to the society by supplying superior quality products.

Under our group corporate slogan “Everywhere Maruichi,” we strive to meet the increasing demands for quality products in Vietnam and abroad. With the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) in our backbone, we have been working to spread our “Maruichi Sunsco quality” throughout the world, and our products had touched on the people’s lives in area as far as North America and North Africa.

As a global company, we cater to the needs and standards of many countries, such as American Petroleum Institute, ASTM, Australian Standard, British Standard, SIRIM, SNI, just to name few. Every day, we are creating the synergy between the Japanese ingenuity and Vietnamese diligence which is realized in every aspect of our company, from raw material procurement to production management, quality control to business management.

With our dedicated Japanese and Vietnamese members, we wish to deliver the products that exceeds the expectation of our valued customers.

We sincerely appreciate your giving us the opportunity to be of your service.

1. We, as a steel pipe and surface treated steel sheets leading company, recognize our corporate mission is to contribute to the society by responding to the trust of customers with supply of superior products from Vietnam.

1. We hold the respect for people as our basic value, and cherish business partners, employees, shareholders, and all stakeholders.

1. We continue to develop the reliability of product, technologies, and sales force by uniting us all with wisdom, passion, and action of each employee, and propel our growth energy and new value creation into the future.

1. We continue to be a company for employees and families where it is worthy to entrust their life, and is filled with wonderful dreams.

1. We cherish our basic value, and adhere to the rules.

1. We make efforts to develop product reliability and productivity by high technical skills and creativeness.

1. We create positive workplace by courtesy and harmony towards each other.

1. We seek our dream into the future, family happiness and build prosperous society.

We, as a steel pipe and surface treated steel sheets leading company, recognize ourcorporate mission is to contribute to the society by responding to the trust of customers with supply of superior Japanese quality products from Vietnam

With the wisdom, passion, and action of each employee, we engage in below activities in order to continuously develop the reliability of product, technologies, customer satisfaction, and sales force:

(1) We set the purpose and target of the activities in order to continuously improve the product quality, work quality, and effectiveness of quality management system.

(2) We regularly review and educate this quality policy, purpose and target of the activities.

(3) We comply with all related regulations, standards, and internal rules, and engage in corporate activities that satisfy the customer requirement.

(4) We spread this policy to all employees, and raise the awareness of each person.

We, as a company, make efforts to leave a good living environment to the next generation by producing products made of highly recyclable steel. With “co-existence, co-development of earth, nature and human being” as our basic value, we make efforts to be its liaison.

For this end, we will engage in below activities:

(1) In considering the environmental effect, we make efforts in pollution prevention, resource conservation, and energy conservation.

(2) We engage in corporate activities while complying with social norms such as environmental regulations and agreement with local communities.

(3) We set purpose and target related environment and engage in continuous improvement activities that is included in environmental management system. Moreover, we regularly review these.

(4) This policy is made public to both inside and outside the company.

To outside: On home page, and other appropriate means as requested.
To inside: Spread to all and raise awareness towards environment.

Embracing the management philosophy of “respect for people” as basic value, with belief that safety proceeds all, Maruichi Steel Tube group recognizes that preventing labor accidents is a corporate social responsibility, and in order to continuously improve the safety & health standard, we proactively apply the occupational safety and health management system. Furthermore, we ensure to reduce risk in the workplace, and secure safety and health of all employees, and make efforts to create a comfortable working environment.

Actual Measures

1. Maintaining safety first, and physical & mental health, we make efforts to create comfortable working environment through 5S activity.

2. In aim to prevent the labor accidents, we developing voluntary OSH activities in each workplace, and by effective and efficient performance of OSH activities, we make efforts to continuously improve safety and health standard.

3. We perform safety training to all employees and business partners in order to make them aware of OSH responsibilities and their role, and make efforts to spread the OSH policy and goal.

4. We comply with regulations and internal rules concerning OSH management system.