From the small beginning in 1998 as a 1-4" small diameter steel pipe manufacturer, Sunsco continued to expand. Major expansion includes color coating line in 2003, continuous galvanizing line in 2005, 16inch welded pipe line in 2010, and No.2 continuous galvanizing line and No.2 color-coating line with equipment made in Japan, all of which improved productivity, creating high quality products.

In the North, Sunsco Hanoi, a steel pipe factory for motorcycles and cars began operation in 2010, supplies mainly to Japanese OEM companies.

Maruichi SUNSCO aims to develop high quality products to meet market demand and increase production output at the same time. It became the first steel company in Vietnam to meet Japanese standard and hold the JIS mark certification, which meets the demand of high quality products in Vietnam and abroad, mainly in the ASEAN region.

【Company product introduction】
・Hot-dip 55%Al-Zn Coated Steel Coil
・Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Strip In Coil(HR base metal and CR base metal)
・Prepainted hot -dip 55%Al-Zn Coated Steel Coil
・Carbon Steel Pipe & Tube
・Galvanized Steel Pipe & Tube

*Maruichi Group operates in 8 countries around the world

(Japan, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, India, Philippines, USA, Mexico)

Our Values


As a group company of Maruichi Steel Tube Co., Ltd (Japan), SUNSCO is managed, produced and quality-controlled by Japanese experts, which enables us to achieve the same level of manufacturing in Vietnam as in Japan, and supply high-quality products to our customers every day. Since 2006, SUNSCO has been constantly striving to improve production efficiency and respond to market transformation. The Vietnamese market will continue to grow at an even higher rate in the future, due to ODA-funded projects from Japan and other direct investment. SUNSCO will continue to improve the reliability and productivity of its products by focusing on manufacturing together with Japanese and Vietnamese people, respecting the basics, following the rules, and using advanced technology and ingenuity.
We are the only company that can be found everywhere in life, everywhere in Japan, everywhere in the world.

Our Branch

Maruichi Sun Steel Ha Noi

MARUICHI SUN STEEL (HANOI) CO., LTD (Sunsco Hanoi), a 100% subsidiary company of MARUICHI SUN STEEL JOINT STOCK COMPANY (SUNSCO), being established in 2008 and officially started its operation in 2010.

Our policy is to produce & supply the Japanese Quality Tube Products to the customers in Vietnam. To do so, we have adopted equipments and quality control systems from MARUICHI STEEL TUBE LTD., who is the No.1 shareholder in the welded steel tube market in Japan and is the major shareholder of SUNSCO.

Now, we are able to produce our steel tubes with following specifications:
- STKM (Carbon steel tubes for machine structure)
- STKR (Carbon steel square and rectangular tubes for general structure)
- STKMR (Carbon steel square and rectangular tubes for machine structure)
- STAM (Electric resistance welded carbon steel tubes for automobile)
- SUS409(Stainless steel tubes)

Apart from those standard quality tube products, we also produce special quality tube products which are to be used for automobile, motorbike, and furniture, etc, if inquired.
Through the use of our products, SUNSCO Hanoi wishes to have support, guidance and cooperation from all valued customers in Vietnam so as we will make try our best to gain tremendous satisfaction towards our quality products.

Company Information

June 3, 1996
130 million USD
470 people
Mr. Nakahori Masaru
Maruichi Steel tube Ltd. (72.53%)
Toyota Tsusho Corporation (9.73%)
R&S Memorial International Inc (9.49%)
JFE Steel Corporation (8%)
Others (0.25%)
- Steel pipes (including stainless steel pipes): manufactured since 1998
- Ribbed : manufactured in 2000 (discontinued)
- PPGL (Color Coating): produced in 2003.
- GI / GL (Galvanized): produced since 2005.
- CR (Cold rolled): produced since 2008.