News Of Maruichi Sun Steel

 In November, 2011, SUNSCO organized a travel tour for whole staffs to take a trip in Ninh Chu, Binh Thuan Province for 2 days    

 In September, 2011, SUNSCO officially started to build 2 factories, CGL & CCL No.02 an expected to complete in March and June, 2013 respectively.

 Since April-2011, SUNSCO has officially started export its steel pipes and tubes to the US market.    

2011, this was the 4th that SUNSCO dispatched staffs for training for about 18 months. These programs will be maintained as a company's policy.

 After passed the first round, who's going to be sent to Japan will take a Japanese course, which is taught by Vietnamese and Japanese teachers. Who can get at least the level 3 of the Japanese

 In November every year, SUNSCO dispatches 7 staffs to Maruichi Japan Group for a short-term (1 week) visit and study in respects of Steel manufacturing process and others related businesses.

2011-Nov :  SUNSCO held the technical seminar about STEEL STRUCTURE IN BUILDING CONSTRUCTION with Ministry of Construction at HANOI & HCMC on Nov,15 & 17.  

  2012-Jun : SUNSCO received the certifications of JIS G 3444, G 3452, G 3454 and G 3466 for Carbon steel pipes and tubes on Jun, 13.  

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