Standard: JIS G 3452 SGP - Available size range: 15A ~ 400A

Standard: JIS G 3454 STPG - Available size range: 15AxSCH40 ~ 400AxSCH40

Standard: ASTM A53 - Available size range: NPS2x0.154” ~ NPS16x0.500”

Standard: BS 1387 - Available size range: DN15xEXTRA LIGHT ~ DN150xHEAVY

- Currently, steel pipe is known as a material used in the civil construction industry, home appliances, furniture, etc and steel pipes are also widely used in making water supply and drainage pipes.
- Depending on the needs of the user, in general, the water pipe is large in size and high in thickness.
- SUNSCO piping steel is manufactured with JIS, ASTM, BS standards, pipes have very high bearing capacity, high impact, and limit the ingress of chemicals and the outside environment.