- Standard: SUNCOLOR55, JIS G 3322, MS 2383
- Available size range:
* Thickness: BMT 0.20 - 1.2mm, 0.008'' - 0.047''
* Standard width: 914mm, 1200mm, 1219mm, 36'' - 48.5''
* Coating:
PPGL: Top 18 ~ 28µm; Back 18 ~ 20µm (2 coats), 5 ~ 15µm (1 coat)
SPGL: Top 10µm; Back 5µm
- Usage: used as roof, wall, panel, etc.

- SUNCOLOR55 is a type of high quality Pre-painted Hot-Dip 55% Al-Zn coated steel coil which technical capability was transferred from MARUICHI STEEL TUBE of Japan. Our products manufactured by Japanese technology and management will provide our customer with high quality and long life.
- SUNCOLOR55 has thick coat film PPGL with excellent duration and thin coat SPGL, plus plentiful color diversification , we will meet expectation of customers.
- SUNCOLOR55 is a product with warranty period up to 15 years. Polyester resin paint with 2 COAT - 2 BAKE, is able to resist against high corrosion, prevent substances promoting corrosion (water, oxygen, acid, etc.) which can penetrate into the plated base sheet. It has excellent long time duration by preventing corrosion of coat, and it is very suitable for use as building material for making roof and wall.
- SUNCOLOR55 uses SUNCOAT55 which able to resist corrosion because it has base plated steel sheet. In addition, with Primer and Top Finish paints, SUNCOLOR55 has increased resistance to corrosion. Therefore, PRE-PAINTED HOT-DIP 55% Al-Zn STEEL COIL (PPGL/SPGL) is always trusted for its durability and beauty.