- Standard: SUNCOAT55, JIS G 3321, ASTM A792, MS 1196, SNI 4096
- Available size range:
* Thickness: BMT 0.20 - 1.2mm, 0.008'' - 0.047''
* Standard width: 914mm, 1200mm, 1219mm, 36'' - 48.5''
* Coating: AZ50 ~ AZ150 (g/m2), AZ30 ~ AZ55 (oz/ft2)
- Usage: used as roof, wall, inner parts of electric houses and computers, etc.

- SUNCOAT 55 is a type of high quality Hot-Dip 55%Al-Zn coated steel coil which technical capability was transferred from MARUICHI STEEL TUBE of Japan. Our products manufactured by Japanese technology and management will provide our customer with high quality and long life.
- SUNCOAT55 in the form of coated steel sheet is the most strong in anticorrosion.
+ As 6 times stronger in comparison with Hot-dip galvanized steel coil
+ As 3 times stronger in comparison with 5%Al-Zn coated steel coil
+ As 1.5 times stronger in comparison with Mg type coated steel coil.
- Warranty period of SUNCOAT55 product is up to 15 years. It has a coat containing Zinc and 55% aluminum. Therefore, it has long time strength, much longer than that of other galvanized steel sheets, especially it is also resistant to acid rain, its number of use years is increased, and it will reach very long lifetime when it is used as building material for making roof or wall.
- SUNCOAT55 has high degree of heat reflection, therefore, surface temperature is relatively low. This will limit the increase in the internal temperature of your home. Heat reflection of SUNCOAT55 is in the range of 70 - 75%, double to that of galvanized steel sheets.
- SUNCOAT55 has sparkling metal scales on silver white background, therefore, it helps in more beautiful house decoration.