General Structure

Standard: JIS G 3444 STK - Available size range: 21.7x1.4mm ~ 406.4x12.7mm

Standard: ASTM A500 - Available size range: 5.563”x0.125” ~ 16.000”x0.500”

Standard: JIS G 3466 STKR - Available size range: 40x40x1.6mm ~ 300x300x12.0mm, 60x30x1.6mm ~ 400x200x12.0mm

Standard: ASTM A500 - Available size range: 4”x4”x0.125” ~ 12”x12”x0.500”, 5”x3”x0.125” ~ 16”x8”x0.500”

Standard: AS/NZS1163 - Available size range: 20x20x1.6mm ~ 125x125x3.0mm (PZ)

- With advanced manufacturing standards and specifications from Japan, common structural steel pipes are used to make structures for scaffolding, scaffolding, furniture, etc.
- Each construction steel pipe is designed to suit certain uses. But in general, the outstanding advantages of this tube are:
+ High durability
+ Resistant to corrosion: Due to the zinc coating on the outer surface, steel pipes limit corrosion, rust and if maintained regularly, it will slow down the corrosion process. Since then keep high durability, suitable for areas such as coastal areas, high humidity areas.
+ Ease of installation: Steel pipes are all finished products, so the construction process is very simple and easy to install. Unlike other steel pipes, customers must paint the surface or check the weld before installation and use.
+ Increasing the life of the building: Steel pipe products are all manufactured and controlled in accordance with a closed and scientific quality management process, meeting standards such as JIS, ASTM, AS / NZS. Therefore, the product ensures durability, increasing the life of the project.