Opening ceremony of the SUNSCO CUP volleyball tournament in 2021

May 5, 2021

To promote the spirit of physical training and sports, promote the movement of health training among officers, employees, and workers at Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company. Sunsco’s trade union cooperated with the Board of Directors to organize the Volleyball – Sunsco Cup in 2021 with the presence of 8 teams representing departments.

Opening ceremony of the SUNSCO CUP volleyball tournament in 2021

The volleyball tournament – Sunsco Cup in 2021 not only promotes the spirit of sport, helps employees to exercise health, confidently express themselves, contributing to discovering volleyball talent at the company. In addition, it is also a place for people to exchange and learn from each other’s experiences.

Teams participating in the SUNSCO volleyball tournament

The volleyball tournament takes place at the company’s soccer field. The athletes participating in the competition are officers and employees of departments in the company including 8 teams: Steel pipe team, office team – equipment team, CCL team , CGL no.1 team, CGL no.2 team, CRM team, maintenance team and Japanese staff. Especially this year, there were the participation of representatives of Japanese experts, in order to create the solidarity and attachment of Vietnamese – Japanese officials and employees. Demonstrating the spirit of sport, entertainment and fairness SUNSCO.


Opening match by Japanese maintenance team and staff

The fans are cheering on the volleyball team

Sunsco Company organizes volleyball tournament in 2021 with the desire to create a rewarding playground, develop physical training and sports movements, health training in the working community. Contribute to the development of the training spirit of Maruichi Sunsteel employees in particular and Vietnam in general.